ECHO Future Flight Crew


Helping motivated individuals achieve their dreams...

Too often, we have heard the stories of driven, well qualified candidates who were unsuccessful at applying for a position with a public service aviation program. Rather than sit around and talk about how we wish that wouldn't happen, we decided to be the change that the industry needs and help out. In 2016, the Future Flight Crew (FFC) was started as a way for ECHO to help provide guidance to the next generation of flight crews. The ECHO FFC offers an incredible opportunity to selected applicants that will help give them the tools and confidence they need to earn that spot with a flight program. ECHO also provides a base for well qualified applicants when established member programs are looking for potential future employees or references for candidates who have already applied.

Boston was the site of our critical care conference in March 2017. The FFC group who attended participated in a pre-conference workshop, attended crew resource management training, and gained access to one of the best critical care conferences. And trust us, this isn't the same old, boring online education you complete for monthly compliance at work. They were also given the opportunity to sit down with some of the best in the industry to ask pertinent questions regarding the application process at several top programs in the country. Boston MedFlight, DHART, AirMethods, and Duke Life Flight were all represented during this panel discussion.

It was the greatest experience I have had in my career so far and I learned so much that I can use in the future.
— Jason Robinson (ECHO FFC #2 Boston)

For our annual conference in Philadelphia, we will be opening up ten spots for motivated individuals to join us. Once chosen, you will be connected with a team of mentors to help acclimate you to ECHO and serve as a guide over the next few months leading up to the conference. They will help answer questions and engage in discussions regarding the public service aviation industry. It also helps to have a friendly face once you arrive at the conference in Philadelphia, so you can expect our mentors to help serve as ice breakers to introduce you to fellow ECHO members.

So, there must be a catch, right? We will expect everyone who attends to have a fantastic time at the conference. There will be some incredible speakers presenting some awesome topics. The only thing that we ask of our ECHO FFC group is to help us during the conference with set up, teardown, registration, and breaks. This will be discussed at length once you're accepted into the program, but you can rest assured that the little bit of work you'll be asked to assist with is well worth the benefits you'll receive from the FFC program and the ECHO conference.